Rhizome Transitions

After more than 2.5 years of successful anti-oppression movement building work, Rhizome Consulting Project will be transitioning into new and exciting paths for both Shreya and Lisa Marie. We feel fortunate to say that we have outgrown Rhizome and will be moving forward based on what we feel most called to do in terms of the work we feel most passionate about and the approaches we take. Lisa Marie and Shreya will continue to be available as  resources for our communities and our movement doing consulting and training.

Lisa Marie’s expertise is organizational development, capacity building, strategic planning, campaign planning, local and state level policy trainings, and non-profit board development. She is also a skilled coach, 1:1 consultant, and project manager. She continues to work as a community organizer with homeless and poor communities and is available to support organizations also wanting to integrate harm reduction, trauma-informed frameworks, de-escalation, and anti-oppression into direct service and organizational culture. You can read more about the work she is honing in on at: http://www.lisamariealatorre.com. She can also be reached at lisa.alatorre@gmail.com

Shreya will continue to facilitate the capacity-building, organizational development, and community sustainability work as she did with Rhizome. She is looking forward to strengthening a healing justice lens as well as creative, interactive design into more trainings, from healthier communication and conflict transformation to anti-oppression. Please visit her website at SALTWATER to find out more about what she is growing and to stay connected to her facilitation, art, writing, and healing work. She can be contacted at shreyashah05@gmail.com.

This project has been a creative and movement building collaboration that has had the honor of working with MANY vibrant and critical communities and organizations throughout the country. Rhizome has supported a number of transformative organizational and interpersonal processes as well as offered anti-oppression trainings around the country. We have learned so much from this project and are thrilled to use the materials and analysis we developed and springboard it into our future facilitation and training work.

Many thanks for all of your love and support. We look forward to working and sharing space with you all in the future!

In community,

Lisa Marie Alatorre and Shreya D. Shah